What is Allsafe Coin?

AllSafe is an open source project with it’s native cryptocurrency SAFE coin. The SAFE coin is a community driven project and newly swapped from the old chain to new blockchain. 
Ticker : SAFE
Use case: Cyber security

Initially the coin was AllSafe but the developer suddenly disappeared. Then he came and did a swap as AllSafe2™ and then disappeared again.
Then he returned after a while with the promise that he would make the coin  Masternode, and disappeared again.
Since this coin had a strong community, some of the community members decided to take care of the coin and created a fund. We built a new blockchain explorer and a new website (as the previous explorer and website was unavailable).

Now we are a new, better and bigger team. We have swapped it with a new chain and made it a Masternode based coin. We aim to make AllSafe coin better, bigger and sustainable.

Coin specs

Max supply

Max Supply only 15.000.000 Coin

PoS + Masternode

Stake 40% + MN 60%

Block time

Block Time 60 seconds

Blockchain tech

Used Algorithm QUARK

lightning fast

Matures only with 15 confirmations

Stake Age

Minimum stake age 60 Minutes

Allsafe Whitepaper

Development roadmap

Reward Structure

SOME frequently Asked Questions

AllSafe can be bought or sold on various Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Livecoin, Nove Exchanges, BitexBay, Escodex and many more to come.

It is not possible to buy most of the Crypto-currencies directly with fiat money. Some of the exchanges like Coinbase offer Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum etc against fiat money. Once you have purchased any of the available crypto, you can then transfer them to an exchange such as Livecoin, Escodex etc, where AllSafe is available and exchange them with ASAFE2.

AllSafe have its own wallet for Windows and Linux. They available for download on the Wallets section. The wallet allows you to store AllSafe on your computer.

The live exchange price is available in the exchanges and CoinMarketCap website. According to the CoinmarketCap the live price can be found in SAFE exchange price section.

AllSafe Coin (SAFE) is a Proof of Stake (PoS) + Masternode (MN) based coin that uses the QUARK algorithm.

AllSafe coins can be generated by holding a Masternode rewards or simply by Stake rewards.

The following coins use Scrypt algorithm and proof of stake (PoS) proof-type same as Allsafe Coin:  Mintcoin, AsiaCoin, MedicCoin, HollyWoodCoin, Interstellar Holdings, GPU Coin, Renos, Safe Trade Coin, Digital Rupees, GambleCoin, DigiFinexToken and Bitok.